2019 Little Sisters Update and Bring to Class Info

  1. First class is Sunday, January 13 from noon to 3:00p.  I will have store open at 11:30a.
  2. The journal size this year is a 4×7″ inside page reading horizontally.
  3. As always, your journal can be on any topic and any color you like.  However, I have two large boxes of left overs in from my book to share … so if you’re up for birds and can include some natural & kraft colors in your design, woohoo you score!
  4. Some sample pages from my book are shown below.
  5. Check it out … if you invite a friend new to my journaling class, I’ll give you a $10 discount/refund on the class fee.
  6. If you have not already signed up and/or paid, please contact me directly, and I’ll hold your spot.
  7. BRING JAN 13 … PAPER:  8 to 12 sheets of printed, double-sided, 12×12″ cardstock in coordinating design and/or color.  Please do not precut.
  8. BRING JAN 13 … PAPER TRIMMER able to nicely cut 12×12″ inch cardstock.
    1. We will be cutting our inside pages to size, including folded spreads and layered pages.
    2. I will bring my hole drill press so you can hole-punch all pages at one time.
    3. I will provide your matboard already cut to size for front & back covers.




Art Journaling 2019 with Cherri

Sisterhood, Little Sisters, and introducing All Star Sisters

Art Journaling returns in 2019 with three groups at Artsy Stamps and Papercrafts – and continues with the gathering of two established groups, The Sisterhood and The Little Sisters.  Plus, a third group is now open for new participants – the All Star Sisters.

The Sisterhood will meet monthly January through April and work on UFO’s (Unfinished Objects), plus Patsy will provide one product or technique demonstration at each session.  This is the fourth year of a returning group.  The fee will be $5 per session donated to one of Patsy’s animal charities.  It is an art fellowship full of love and laughter.

The Little Sisters and the All Star Sisters will both have six bi-weekly sessions from January through March, meeting every other weekend – Little Sisters on Sunday and All Star Sisters on Saturday.  This year’s project will be based on Cherri’s journal “Autographs from a Bird” (on display at Artsy) which includes paper engineering, techniques and products.  The students provide all their own supplies, while Cherri brings mentoring, demonstrations and many things to share.  $60 for all six sessions, and payment must be made by December 30th to hold your spot.

To begin each student should collect “Cherri’s Tool Box”, which can be found on her blog.  In addition, on Session One each student brings 10 pieces of color coordinated 12×12 cardstock printed on both sides and a good 12” personal paper trimmer.  From there, each week Cherri will post on her blog the next session class plan.  The All Star Sisters must speak to Cherri before joining to assure the class work and homework is a comfortable level for them and that they understand the process (stampincherri@comcast.net).  Maximum 8 on the new group. 



Noon to 3p

Little Sisters


Noon to 3p

All Star Sisters


10a to 1p

January 20 January 13 January 12
February 17 January 27 January 26
March 17 February 10 February 9
April 28 February 24 February 23
March 10 March 9
March 24 March 23


TOOLBOX 2019 – Cherri’s Favorite Art Journaling Toolbox

Little Sisters & All Star Sisters Art Journaling – Toolbox Recommendations (Bring what you can, but I usually have tools to share.)

1. Scissors (small/sharp/fine detail cutting)
2. Pencil/pen/paper pad for homework notes
3. Ruler
4. Bone folder
5. Paper clips and/or mini binder clips
6. Good personal paper trimmer … must be 12″
7. ¼ inch hand-held hole punch
8. Paper piercer (awl, aka pokie thing)
9. ADHESIVES (including: UHU glue stick, Skor tape, tacky white glue with fine tip point, glue dots, pop-up dots)
10. Glue book (old magazine/catalog)
11. Small rag/plastic cup to wet for wiping fingers, baby wipes, dish towel/rag to dry hands and/or clean stamps.
12. Distress ink pads (color coordinated to your current project), and blender handles and pads (or make-up sponge)
13. Black permanent ink pad (Versafine, Archival, Momento)
14. FAVORITE TOOLS might include … deckled and postoid scissors, stylus & pad, sand paper/nail file, corner rounder punch, exacto knife, #2 round paint brush, rubber gloves, water mister, stickles.
15. ___________  Plus your own favorites …

Sizzix Journal 661906 – Cherri’s Sew Instructions

Each letter represents a named HOLE in the spine of the journal.

A         B       C






E         F       G

Set Up

Tape spines together first as follows.  With outside covers facing down, and inside covers facing up, lay the back cover on top of front cover so that holes B, D & F align.  Notice where the overlap is, and add Skor take between holes B&D and D&F.

Sew Steps

Using 36” of elastic thread and a large-eyed crewel needle, begin sewing. Again lay outside covers facing down, and inside covers facing up.

  1. Sew DOWN into G, leave 6” tail and clip to hold in place.
  2. Sew UP into F
  3. Sew DOWN into B
  4. Sew UP into A
  5. Sew DOWN INTO E
  6. Sew UP into F (will create two threads in center signature)
  7. Sew DOWN into B
  8. Sew UP INTO C
  9. Tie two tails in the middle of third signature … slightly snug, but NOT TIGHT. You need to leave stretch to add signatures, which are longer than the distance between top & bottom holes.


Finish by adding outside TIE RIBBONS.  Cut two pieces 18 inches long of half inch ribbon of choice.  Thread onto crewel needle. Sewing from inside of journal pull ribbon through to outside, leaving 3 inch tail.  Affix tail with skor tape laying horizontally along front cover.  Repeat with second ribbon, affixing tail horizontally along back cover.  Using two long ribbons on outside, tie journal closed & enjoy.

Sizzix Journal class – what to bring?

Ladies, thank you all for signing up for this class on Saturday, October 20 noon to 4p, $35.  I have provided a bring to class list below.  About half of you have paid, would the others please pay by Sunday, Oct 14, so I know how many kits to prepare.  If you can’t get in to pay, please call me personally to confirm.

Check it out … a Journal class with Cherri that gets finished in class on one day.  Students will learn to cut their own papers with the new Eileen Hull journal die.   The featured paper is Stamperia.  If you would like different Stamperia papers than the class sample for your journal, call me and I will work with you directly.  This is a blank journal with a few embellishments on signature covers, and is intended for your own thoughts.  A few poems are included for inspiration.

Students bring:

  1. standard tool box PLUS
  2. small post-it-notes, any size
  3. UHU glue stick (required),
  4. ¼ & ½ inch Skor tape, (you only need 1 inch of 1/2 skor tape; I can shared if you don’t gave this size.)
  5. white tacky glue with fine tip point,
  6. glue book (old magazine or catalogue),
  7. personal 12” paper trimmer, AND YOUR SKOR PAL, either size
  8. corner punch,
  9. piercing tool,
  10. distress inks with blending tools – pumice stone and ground espresso. There are only two inks pads to share, so please bring if you have.  You can substitute your favorite inks to go with this paper. 

Hugs & kisses, see you soon!!!! Cherri

Wire & Bead Bound Journal

HOMEWORK in preparation of next class Sunday, July 29, 12 noon.

  1. Ink edges of book pages
  2. Ink edges of canvas binding strips
  3. Cut out cut-apart pieces that you would like to use
  4. Use stylist to soften edges and make cut-aparts stand up in center
  5. Ink edges of cut-aparts, recommended colors –  antique linen or smoked hickory.
  6. Tear poetry into squares/rectangles, and decide where to possibly place, clip to journal page.
  7. Take one layer of paper off one side of the cardboard square I passed out, and color it as you like (paint, ink, stain) … mine was red and had the barn on top.
  8. Look at my pages and begin to decide your placement of additional pieces/embellishments (do not affix).  Place intended design reminders on your pages with post-it-notes, for example pop-ups, where your magnets are placed, and your pocket page.  Work on remaining pages with no design yet chosen — how would you like to design them;  and work what on you would like to use an an interactive flap card above the magnets.  Also, I have a brown glassine envelope, but I gave you each a clear glassine substitute envelope — what would you like to embellish the glassine envelope with? And, what piece of paper would you like to use as a pull out tag for inside the glassine envelope.  I have a card board square that lifts up, and I have two flap cards that “Open” off the page from magnets from right to left.  If this is confusing, we can do it in class.
  9. Also … FYI, here is the link to the YouTube video with wire and bead binding instructions …
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx5kL8YAygo&feature=youtu.be


Here are my pages as examples … your paper may or may not be the same.  Use my pages as technique and design ideas.


COVER page, uses cut out pop-up


spread ONE, uses magnet, has one open flap


spread ONE, flap card opened


spread TWO, uses one verse, one cut out stamped butterfly and one cut-apart butterfly


spread THREE, uses one cut out bicycle as pop-up, verse on tag and envelope

spread four, uses glassine envelope, magnet, opens right to left.




spread four, glassine envelope open to show poem underneath. Envelope has a tag inserted inside.


spread FIVE, has pocket page, magnet, and open upward flap with barn on front of flap.


spread SIX, uses pocket page and card stock rectangle piece affixed on two sides to create on on-the-top-of-page pocket.


BACK cover, uses envelope which we will cut on 7/29 and cut-apart embellishments


See you next week, great job!!

Journaling Session SIX- Sisterhood

Sisterhood Session SIX is Sunday, April 22.  Please let me know if/when you will not be attending any session

Class Plan

  1. Mostly work on your journals.
  2. Show and tell.
  3. Embellishments … buttons, lace, ribbon, jewels, bling, flowers, charms, beads … anything you like! I’ll help you with beaded or flowered edges if it fits your design.
  4. Set June reunion date for potluck brunch and show & tell with Little Sisters.
  5. Work on cover.

Bring to Class List is

  1. All your regular journal goodies, and of course, your journal!
  2. Any embellishments you’d like to use… I’ll bring goodies to share.
  3. And, your Cherri Tool Box, of course.

Thanks & see you soon!!