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Graphic 45 Design Team Audition (project 1 of 6)

Magic of Oz    altered file folder by Cherri Robb using Graphic 45 paper & Lost Coast Design stamps

  1. a standard manila file folder was cut to 5 inches, front holds two ATC cards that open to show movie quotes inside

  2. altered file folder opens to reveal two more ATC cards

  3. ATC has been coated with clear embossing powder to add shimmer and strength to paper

  4. open each ATC to reveal a movie quote for the character

  5. two Graphic 45 postcards have been altered to fit the back of the 7 inch file folder

  6. the lower half of cut out postcard has also been embossed

  7. another altered postcard with an ATC that opens

  8. the tab opens to show a group photo of the OZ characters

  9. this is not a project for audition submission; this altered file folder was created last fall with Lost Coast Design stamps and is the basis for the new g45 art

  10. open view of Lost Coast Design altered file folder also uses g45 papers


Graphic 45 Design Team Audition (project 2 of 6)

Memory Box by Cherri Robbmy life journey from Kansas to California to Colorado

Each label has special meaning for me … my first car was this shade of read, I lived on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles which was the end of Route 66, sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas where I was born, I love crossword puzzles and the fruit — cherries, are spelled like my name — Cherri; and I have a collection of vintage fruit crates most of which are apples, but my favorite is with an asparagus !

  1. the top features cutouts from the Graphic 45 "Times Nouveau Collection". old paper Distress Ink was rubbed directly onto each label with several coats of ultra-thick embossing powder added.

  2. the box has been painted, stained and glazed ... the edges are covered with a natural 'rose patterned' lace.

  3. box opens to show my baby photo, odds & ends from my last year in California, and coasters from the first brewery I visited in Colorado.

  4. inside box top features painted corrugated cardboard and paper flowers made from a butterfly punch and bathroom paper towels.

  5. plenty of room left in box to store more memories ...

  6. silly ... but I entertain myself with my art ... the words on the bottom of the box are from a country western song ... "God is great, beer is good & people are crazy" (sorry don't know the artist right off hand)


Graphic 45 Design Team Audition (project 3 of 6)

“Angels & Pears” altered board book by Cherri Robbthis was the beginning of angels & pears.  By now I probably have two dozen stamps of both angels & pears!  Wow, this book brings back fun memories … it was a very popular class I taught several times in 2006.  My original design was just for myself in 2005, but everyone wanted to do one too!!!

  1. this six spread altered book features "Wild Asparagus" papers. The buttons on the cover are vintage.

  2. close up of buttons ... buttons, buttons, I love buttons!

  3. "when pigs fly" ... this patent-free image was given to me by a student. each spread features ... yes, an angel and a pear. The pears are stamps colored with embossing ink in multiple colors, then lots & lots of ultra-thick powder.

  4. each spread has a pocket & tag ... the back of the tags all have dictionary definitions of words relevant to ... what else ... angels & pears!

  5. I love the effect of this transparency layered over flower printed paper to provide the color to the black & white image.

  6. dream a little dream ... with layers of lace on paper with rounded corners to match the board book. the edges of the book are glazed then distressed.

  7. friends are angels who lift us to our feet ...

  8. when our spirit has trouble remembering how to fly (anon) ... need I say more?

  9. back cover edge features the 'blanket stitch"

  10. last, but not least ... I would like to thank all my students for their encouragement ... May God bless you all!


Graphic 45 Design Team Audition (project 4 of 6)

“Songful Summer”  artwork submission by Cherri Robb to Somerset Studios magazine for publication.

One of my 2012 goals was to use the Lost Coast Design stamps and start submitting work for publication.  Many of my friends have been published, and while I’ve been teaching since 2004, I wanted to join the ‘I’ve been published group’!  The supplies and stamps used are found below the photos, along with a brief tutorial.  Wish me luck and say a prayer.

  1. Again with the altered file folder ... folded twice to create two valley spreads and one mountain fold.

  2. This is my first use of Flower Soft, Inka-Gold and Smooch products. I had so much fun I couldn't stop!

  3. what an imagination ... can you see a summer sunset? Apparently I did!

  4. the tabs are not original to the file folder ... I punched three mini envelopes, tore off the pointed corner, and glued three overlapping together ... it seems anything can be altered!

  5. no embellishments here because it has to fold closed

  6. it took three go arounds before I was happy with these tags ... but I love them now! Each has a raised imagine that sits over the pocket when inserted.

  7. notice the tag backs have a common design ... lyrics, word definition and a scrap of vellum music ... all layered over a pretty scroll stamp

Products Used
  • file folder (manila, letter size)
  • Bone folder
  • Ranger Distress Inks
  • Momento Inks
  • Lost Coast Designs (rubber stamps)
  • cardstock & vellum papersplain natural smooth cardstock
  • clear vellum
  • Inkssentials Cut-n-Dry felt (cut to 2” squares)
  • Viva Décor Inka Gold color pots
  • Smooch Pearlized Accent Ink
  • #1 flat paint brush
  • ribbon (natural)
  • dried flower petals
  • embellishment jewels
  • Flower Soft (summer)
  • die cut corner from flatten toilet paper roll
  • German scrap (trim & corner)
  • McGill envelope punch (1-1/2 x 1 inch)
  • UHU glue stick, red-liner tape
  • 3-D and mini glue dots
  • Ranger Glossy Accents adhesive
  • song lyrics (words/credit typed and printed)
Lost Coast Design Stamps Used
  • Tab Words – Old Typewriter alphabet/upper & lower case letters (Songful, Summer, Endless), dictionary word Imagine
  • Front Cover – silhouette girl with bird, daisy flourish, dictionary words Beauty and Art
  • First Spread – rose boy, flower picker, scalloped flourish, Old Typewriter alphabet/upper & lower case letters (Sweet, time)
  • Second Spread – star cat, Old Typewriter alphabet/upper & lower case letters (Starry, starry, night), lily flourish, sun and stars border
  • Back Cover – flower children, dictionary word Joy

Paragraph Description

Research songs to find lyrics with a summer theme. Select flowered cardstock and vellum papers with warm colors. Cut letter size manila file folder to 7 inches at fold. Use existing fold of folder as center mountain fold; fold each side to create a front and back valley fold. Stamp selected images/words in ink coordinated to paper; cut out leaving 1/16” trim edge. Tear or cut cardstock/vellum to spread size. Cut tags for each spread to 2-1/2 by 6 inches. Layout design for each spread. Assemble paper, tags, cut images/words and embellishments into a separate envelope for each spread. Distress one inch of ink around the altered file folder edges for each spread. Lightly distress edges of paper, tags, images and words. Color natural ribbon to coordinate with paper. Design tags. Stamp any background images directly onto cardstock. Glue paper and affix pocket paper for all spreads first. Next, affix images/words and flat embellishments for each spread. Add three-dimensional embellishments last. Insert tags into pockets. Enjoy!


Graphic 45 Design Team Audition (project 5 of 6)

“Good Looks & Style” vintage fashion altered board book with wax by Cherri Robb.

This is another class project I taught, circa 2007.  It’s one of my favorites, because I used several pattern covers that I remember my Mother wearing in the 1950’s.  I spent a lot of fun time in flea markets searching for vintage sewing ephemera to go along with the patterns.  The featured stamps are from B-Line Designs.

  1. the cover features a wax coating over a magazine cover

  2. altered board book with 5 spreads

  3. spread 1

  4. spread 2

  5. spread 3

  6. spread 4

  7. spread 5

  8. back cover

  9. one last look


Graphic 45 Design Team Audition (project 6 of 6)

Lost Coast Design Stamps – designer cards by Cherri Robb for convention and website samples.

Last summer I met Linda Malcolm of Lost Coast Designs at a stamp convention at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, Colorado.  I told her that I had designed cards for a class with her stamps, and we started talking.  Short version of the story, I have been designing for Lost Coast Designs since July, 2011 … and I love those stamps!  Here are examples of my work … the only inspiration is Linda’s stamp and the only rule is use only her stamps … everything else is fair game.  

P.S. for g45 audition … I consider these cards one project or one set of my work.  However, if you do not, please accept the first card as my submission.  Thank you.

  1.  dancer silhouette

  2. steampunk pony

  3. praying angel

  4. flying ballerina

  5. chess set – king & queen

  6. chess set – bishop & tower

  7. pink bishop & tower

  8. angel in training (simple 1)

  9. steampunk grassphopper train (simple 2)

  10. 3 part collage (simple 101)