Graphic 45 Design Team Audition (project 2 of 6)

Memory Box by Cherri Robbmy life journey from Kansas to California to Colorado

Each label has special meaning for me … my first car was this shade of read, I lived on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles which was the end of Route 66, sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas where I was born, I love crossword puzzles and the fruit — cherries, are spelled like my name — Cherri; and I have a collection of vintage fruit crates most of which are apples, but my favorite is with an asparagus !

  1. the top features cutouts from the Graphic 45 "Times Nouveau Collection". old paper Distress Ink was rubbed directly onto each label with several coats of ultra-thick embossing powder added.

  2. the box has been painted, stained and glazed ... the edges are covered with a natural 'rose patterned' lace.

  3. box opens to show my baby photo, odds & ends from my last year in California, and coasters from the first brewery I visited in Colorado.

  4. inside box top features painted corrugated cardboard and paper flowers made from a butterfly punch and bathroom paper towels.

  5. plenty of room left in box to store more memories ...

  6. silly ... but I entertain myself with my art ... the words on the bottom of the box are from a country western song ... "God is great, beer is good & people are crazy" (sorry don't know the artist right off hand)


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