My studio … circa 2014

This is my art studio post-remodel. I have been organizing, thinning and labeling … better room label might be: “stuff, stuff and more stuff. I’ve been thru every box, drawer, tub and folder, so I can find things, many things. My friend Marie from Los Angeles gave me the old oak table and chairs.  Now it’s time to sit and enjoy!  The view from the picture window over the table is of my chickens at play and their condo. I’ve got a couple projects laid out … so from now on FUN, FUN, FUN!  I hope to soon get back to designing for my friend Linda of Lost Coast Design stamps.



Studio_7 window display and hoosier

Studio_3 work table

Studio_8 hanging ribbons

Studio_10a labeled drawers

Studio_11a labeled tubs

Studio_6 wall shelf and paper station

Studio_12 newly distressed paper cabinet


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