JAN 29 – Class Plan and Homework

Here’s what I’m thinking – but please remember this is a journey and every path taken is beautiful!


  1. Come early at noon if you can.  I cleaned out my studio (again), and have free goodies.
  2. Paper engineering journal pages for letters A to D.
  3. Cut journal cover & back out of chipboard, cereal box or cardboard.  Or, you can bring ready-made journal covers.
  4. Two technique demonstrations — backgrounds & stencils.
  5. Individual help with journal design.
  6. Use Cherri’s hole drill press, deckle edge paper cutter, & alphabet sets.
  7. Stop at 3p so you can shop with your 10% class discount.

HOMEWORK between Jan 29 and Feb 12

  1. Work on design for journal pages A to D.  Paper clip design to journal pages.  Remember layers, layers and more layers!  We’ll review in class before gluing down.
  2. Create more journal pages for next alphabet letter set, or wait until next class.  There will be new paper engineering each week.
  3. Collect ideas for next alphabet letters.
  4. Bring a technique or a couple items to class that you haven’t used in a while to include in your journal.

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