PAPER ENGINEERING for your Journal Pages

Sisterhood Journal – Paper Engineering Ideas

Cherri will have examples to show in class and will help students individually.

  1. FLAP/FOLD OUT.  Cut paper to journal height, but leave the width longer.  Score at journal width and fold over.  Using a 5” height by 7” width journal as an example – cut a 12×12 inch piece of cardstock to 5 inches by 12 inches.  Instead of cutting to 7 inches wide, score at 7 inches, and fold over to make an interactive flap that will open.   The flap can be positioned on the outside of the journal, or on the inside near the ring binders.
  2. HINGE.  Using a strip of paper the length of your insert paper, cut to about 2 inches wide, fold in half vertically, and glue strip as a hinge to secure insert paper to journal page.  Also, a hinge can be created by cutting a 3 by 6 inch piece of paper, folding in half to 3×3 inch square and then securing the backside to the journal page.
  3. TOP/SIDE PAGE POCKETS. Cut two pieces of cardstock to journal page size.  Secure with Skor tape on three sides, leaving open on top or outside edge to create a pocket for a tag.
  4. ADD-ON POCKETS. Cut a piece of cardstock to the width of your journal, but only a quarter or a third as tall.  For the 5×7 journal this might be 7 inches wide by 2 inches tall. Secure with Skor tape on sides and bottom, leaving top open.  The add-on pocket can also open to the outside or inside, and again I’ll demonstrate in class.  And the add-on pocket could be a piece of cardstock secured to the middle of the page – the for 5×7 journal, this could be 4 inches wide by 3.25 inches tall.
  5. SHORTER/NARROWER PAGES. For the 5×7 journal, this would mean cutting the cardstock to 4 by 5 inches.  When the page is punched, and laid on top of another page, there will be a view around the outside to the next page.  It can also be made into a pocket with two sheets of cardstock.
  6. REINFORCEMENT STRIP. It helps strengthen your journal pages by adding a 1 to 1.5 inch strip to the inside edge of journal page where the binder ring is punched.
  7. HOLE PUNCH TEMPLATE. It is helpful to begin with a piece of chipboard cut to journal page size.  Punch your ring binder holes, and mark top and bottom edges.  Mini-binder clip this template on each new journal page to align all journal page hole punches.

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