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Mar 26 – Class Plan and Homework


Please bring to class …

  1. Small round paint brush (#2 if you have)
  2. Glue book
  3. Paper towels
  4. Baby wipes
  5. Rags
  6. Neutral cardstock … off white, tan, or light colored in your color palette
  7. Distress reinkers in your color palette, if you have …I’ll bring stuff to share

Technique 1 – twinkling H2O’s:

  • mist color pots
  • lightly stir color
  • clean off brush on pot edge, then in water, dab brush dry on towel
  • dip in color, test on scrap
  • color and shade as desired

Technique 2 – paint glaze

  • mix paint and gel medium, equal parts
  • scrape on paper with plastic card

Technique 3 – reinker to craft sheet

  • lightly drag reinker glass tip on craft sheet, do not squeeze
  • mist with water
  • lightly scratch stir
  • blot paper flat into color pools
  • drag edges in left over color

Technque 4 – distress crayons

  • mist small spot on craft sheet
  • dip small round brush into water
  • dab onto end of crayon to pick up color
  • repeat to achieve shade desired

Technique 5 – rusty hinge

  • dab on yellow
  • dab on rust … leaving half yellow showing
  • dab on rush … leave half of yellow and rush showing
  • blend slightly

Technique 6 – double stamping

  • using precision stamp press
  • place paper, align stamp, ink stamp
  • press to paper, reink & repeat!



MAR 12 – Class Plan and Homework


  1. New Background Technique:  Stamp, restamp & stamp again
    1. Using stamp with significant “solid rubber”, ink stamp well.
    2. Stamp once, then without reinking, restamp twice moving the stamp slightly to right and left.
    3. Repeat “three stamp step” until paper is mostly covered
    4. Using blender tool, softly color any unstamped background area.
    5. Blend slightly more color on outer edges.
  2. Embossing Folder Techniques:
    1. Example 1 Try new embossing folder spray; creates sharper & more distinct embossing.
    2. Example 2 Smudge ink onto embossed paper, adding highlights and low-lights.  Embellish with “art alchemy acrylic paint”.
  3. New Product:  TommyArt
    1. Begin with embossed paper.
    2. Apply “chalk color” paint using blending tool (use only a dab of paint, measured with stir stick).  Dry slightly.
    3. Apply “wax or timbrilla” product using a small rag. Let dry slightly.
    4. Using a clear small rag, polish wax.  Enjoy!
  4. Old Technique Revisited: Ink Pad on Craft Sheet (group together)
    1. With distress ink pad directly to craft sheet, smudge three this spots, not touching.  Can be same color or different colors.
    2. Mist inked craft sheet.
    3. Drag paper across misted ink.  Blot until craft sheet is dry.
    4. Dry paper, repeat with another color.
    5. Also try technique with reinkers for more pigmented colors (touch reinker lightly to craft sheet and drag to draw a squiggly “S”.  Mist reinker, spread randomly with stir stick. Drag and blot paper into ink.
    6. Dry and iron.
  5. Cherri’s Stained Glass Technique:
    1. Use a stamp with “strong outlined image and holes to color inside” (similar to coloring book).
    2. Stamp with permanent ink, let dry over night.
    3. Color with pencils.
    4. Use black soot distress ink pads with 2 inch square of Cut & Dry felt, smudge over colored pencils.
    5. Use post-it-note to cover spaces where no black soot smudge is wanted.
  6. New Paper Engineering:   Use “on the edge” die cuts for 3/4, half &  quarter size width pages
  7. Individual help with journal design.
  8. Also To Do:  Use Cherri’s alphabets, hole drill press & big shot/die cuts/embossing folders.
  9. Use a technique or a couple items from home you haven’t used in a while.
  10. Stop at 3p so you can shop with your 10% class discount.


HOMEWORK between Mar 12 and Mar 26

  1. Continue working on Journal design.
  2. Create more journal pages.
  3. Collect ideas for next alphabet letters.
  4. Find two more unused/seldom used items from home to include in your journal.

FEB 26 — Examples for flag page, shaker box & peek-a-book page

flag page, 8 inch wide vellum, score 7 times at one inch spacing, fold like a fan, clip into place for positioning, then affix with skor tape.


flag page, second view


Shaker box, bottom right corner, six layers of die cut built up, plus acetate or transparency.


Shaker box, close up




Peek-a-boo page, closed


Peek-a-book page, open