Mar 26 – Class Plan and Homework


Please bring to class …

  1. Small round paint brush (#2 if you have)
  2. Glue book
  3. Paper towels
  4. Baby wipes
  5. Rags
  6. Neutral cardstock … off white, tan, or light colored in your color palette
  7. Distress reinkers in your color palette, if you have …I’ll bring stuff to share

Technique 1 – twinkling H2O’s:

  • mist color pots
  • lightly stir color
  • clean off brush on pot edge, then in water, dab brush dry on towel
  • dip in color, test on scrap
  • color and shade as desired

Technique 2 – paint glaze

  • mix paint and gel medium, equal parts
  • scrape on paper with plastic card

Technique 3 – reinker to craft sheet

  • lightly drag reinker glass tip on craft sheet, do not squeeze
  • mist with water
  • lightly scratch stir
  • blot paper flat into color pools
  • drag edges in left over color

Technque 4 – distress crayons

  • mist small spot on craft sheet
  • dip small round brush into water
  • dab onto end of crayon to pick up color
  • repeat to achieve shade desired

Technique 5 – rusty hinge

  • dab on yellow
  • dab on rust … leaving half yellow showing
  • dab on rush … leave half of yellow and rush showing
  • blend slightly

Technique 6 – double stamping

  • using precision stamp press
  • place paper, align stamp, ink stamp
  • press to paper, reink & repeat!



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