TOOLBOX – Cherri’s Favorite Art Journaling Toolbox

Sisterhood Journal – Toolbox Recommendations (Bring what you can, but I usually have tools to share.)

1. Scissors (small/sharp/fine detail cutting)
2. Pencil/pen/paper pad for homework notes
3. Ruler
4. Bone folder
5. Paper clips and/or mini binder clips
6. Paper cutter/trimmer (6 or 12”)
7. ¼ inch hand-held hole punch
8. Paper piercer (awl, aka pokie thing)
9. ADHESIVES (including: UHU glue stick, Skor tape, tacky white glue with fine tip point, glue dots, pop-up dots)
10. Glue book (old magazine/catalog)
11. Small rag/plastic cup to wet for wiping fingers, baby wipes, dish towel/rag to dry hands and/or clean stamps.
12. Distress ink pads (color coordinated to your current project), and blender handles and pads (or make-up sponge)
13. Black permanent ink pad (Versafine, Archival, Momento)
14. FAVORITE TOOLS might include … deckled and postoid scissors, stylus & pad, sand paper/nail file, corner rounder punch, exacto knife, #2 round paint brush, rubber gloves, water mister, stickles.
15. ___________  Plus your own favorites …


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