Journaling Session THREE- Little Sisters (only)

Little Sisters Journaling Session Three is Sunday, March 18.  Please refer to the photograph below to see Class Plan example. Also, please let me know if/when you will not be attending any session.


  1. Finish your scrappy tags (oxide ink tag, tags are 1/8 inch larger than book so you can trim 1/8 inch before or after you add to book [or leave sticking out], ink the backside top 2 inches where hole is [it will show], stamp with flourish or background, add washi tape along the seam where the two tags touch in center, affix into the inside of the first page of each signature/chapter).  Call me if you have questions.
  2. Finish oxide inking all the paper/file folders I handed out in class. Iron flat before bringing to class.
  3. Begin designing your layout for six spreads, please do not glue/affix into your journal.  A spread is when you open the journal and you are looking at both the left and right pages, which are coordinated.  You might start by selecting a mini wall calendar image for each signature that sits to the right of the oxide tags you have added at the beginning of each signature.  Continue by creating mats and other layers, then use a paper clip or mini binder clip to hold onto the page (see photo below).
  4. Begin collecting share items for six or more sisters using the shared information sheet distributed  (such as stamps, die cuts, images … any tidbit that goes with their theme & colors).
  5. Your list of three chapter/signature/journal titles and/or words you would like Cherri to typeset.

Class Plan

  1. Make tickets to use throughout.
  2. Create flourishes to use throughout.
  3. Create numbers to use throughout.
  4. Add ribbons to scrappy tags.
  5. Review your spreads with Cherri and begin affixing into your journal.
  6. Begin sharing with sisters (six or more).
  7. Die cut labels for share signatures.
  8. Fold-over/wrap around paper edge engineering … one of each in each signature.

Bring to Class List is

  1. Your JOURNAL with 8 scrappy tags affixed and six spreads laid out with paper clips.
  2. Distress oxide ink pads — only the colors you are using in your journal.
  3. All the paper, tags and folders you have colored with distress oxide inks.
  4. Your remaining mini wall calendar images or other images/stamps related to your journal.
  5. Seam tape or other ribbon for the 8 scrappy tags.
  6. A few permanent ink pads in colors coordinating to your journal.
  7. Flourish (stamps or die cuts) and background/theme stamps that will be recurring throughout your journal. I will bring plenty to share.
  8. I need one person to bring another big shot die cut machine … so we have three total (store, mine & ____)
  9. Washi tape or tissue tape if you’d like to continue using as journal accents.
  10. A small stash of paper towel, a rag, and baby wipes.
  11. Any ticket stamps, punches or die cuts you might like to use (I have plenty to share).
  12. Share items for six or more sisters.
  13. Your list of three chapter/signature/journal titles and/or words you would like Cherri to typeset.
  14. And, your Cherri Tool Box, of course.

I will bring a set of my titles to share which are …

  1. Ride along with me
  2. The journey has just begun
  3. Be happy and just enjoy
  4. Spread your wings and fly
  5. We rise by lifting others
  6. Dream up

Thanks & See you soon!!

This is a spread … open to left & right pages. Notice they are color coordinated. The right side has an image designed with a tag mat, a piece of ribbon, a flourish die cut, inked edges and one embellishment flower.  The left side has a word stamp and a quote sitting on top of the background-stamped-oxide-inked scrappy tag, with ribbons in the tags.


### the end


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