Little Sisters journaling begin February 18

The LITTLE SISTERS CLASSES are Sundays, from 12:00 to 3:30p at Artsy Stamps & Papercrafts in Loveland, CO.  Cost is $40 for all FOUR sessions, students provide their own supplies. Little Sisters are doing three signatures (instead of 5), which requires 9 pieces of 12×6″cardstock to begin. If your cardstock has a design that needs to be upright, be sure to cut the cardstock horizontally so when folded in half, you don’t have any cats or dogs laying on their backs. If you are not sure, just bring the 12×12″ sheets to class and I’ll help you cut.  Also bring to class your mini wall calendar that will be used as journal images (or whatever other image set you have selected).

  1. February 18
  2. March 4
  3. March 18
  4. April 15

Please read the following three blog posts for the Sisterhood.  The only difference for the first Little Sisters’ class is the 9 pieces of 12×6″cardstock, which will then be folded in half to create a 6×6″ journal.  I’ll have a class plan for the four sessions at our first meeting. The front doors will be open at 11:30a, so we can start at noon.

January 5 — THIS AND THAT

January 5 — TOOLBOX

February 8 — SISTERHOOD BEGINS.  Please look at the photos and bring specialty paper, if you like.

See you soon my little ones!  xoxo Cherri


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